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Find out how you can get on Team Canada

If you are interested in being part of this year’s Sport Stacking Team to represent Canada, then check out the Sport Stacking Canada facebook page for updates. You can also send videos and current times to

Current 2014/15 Team Canada Members
Members Name City Members Name City
Aaron Schu Ontario Aidan Burrows Québec
Alanna Bellisario Ontario Austin Baran Manitoba
Bill Huang Ontario Brayden Chuck Ontario
Celina Guo Ontario Edward Pelletier Québec
Harry Antoine Québec Ismael El Kherchi Québec
Jackie Huang Ontario James Gill B.C.
Jamie Si Ontario Jeffrey Howell Ontario
Joshua Castro Ontario Kaitlyn Chen Ontario
Kasra Bogzaran Alberta Kevin Zheng Alberta
Lulu Liu Alberta Madeleine Ventura Ontario
Marie Andre Parent Québec Noelle DiPerna Ontario
Sacha MacMillan B.C. Tina Tissington Ontario
Amanda Gabbatto Ontario

National Team

To become a member of the Team Canada: a stacker must compete at a sanctioned WSSA event such as the Eastern Canadian Championship or any other WSSA event in North America. They must meet the combined time for their age level outlined in the qualification criteria. (to access the critera chart click this link) If a stacker qualifies for Team Canada, they will be a member for one year at which point they will have to re-qualify for the following year. Being a Team Canada member means that the stacker’s name will be added to the Canadian Team list on the website and they will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Junior Olympics and World Championships. They must also adhere to the Team’s Code of Conduct.